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Videos are already dominating the internet with our favorite way to consume content and with YouTube as the second largest search engine in the world behind google, chances are your potential customers already looking for content related to the products and services that you offer. And if they watch few of your videos, chances are that one point they're going to call you for your services or your products. That's why it's said that for most businesses, video marketing is the best lead generation tool by far. Plus your videos are going to position you as the authority in your industry.



>No matter how great your videos are, if people watch your video then land on your website and your messaging is confusing then they're definitely going to leave. So clarifying your message and your value proposition is super important for them to convert. And the problem is if your messaging on your website is confusing then they're not going to stick around.



You mayhave heard it a thousand times but it's just because it really works. Getting your website to rank high on Google for your keywords still depends on amazing content. And the best way to get that done, well, is by having blogs, great blogs on your website. So what's SEO blog content? It is rich, relevant, amazing content that your demographic industry niche target audience is looking for, related to your industry. Now we're not talking about those crappy 200 to 400 words that are seen by some people putting on the website. Those don't work. They didn't work then, they don't work today, and it won't work tomorrow. But what we're talking about is the highly valuable content that you would be willing to read.



If content is king, then distribution is queen because just writing great content is simply not enough. You need to get it in front of the people that matters most to you, which is "your target audience". That's why when you write blog content on your website, you wanna make sure that it reaches as many people as possible with those three simple ways.



Guest posting is when you contact other blogs or publication and offer them to write content for them. You would be surprised as how many publications are actually, actively, looking for great content to put on their online version or printed version of their publications. Same goes with very popular blogs. They're always looking for rich, relevant content, so it's a great opportunities if you're spending the time and energy to create great blogs to actually deleverage it and reach out to them and just offer them to guest post on their publications. And normally doing so may offer a link back from that publication back to your website and that is an amazing amount of authority that you absolutely want. And this is very popular for SEO and lead generation.



Offering free online class, also known as WEBINARS is a great way to build an audience and provide content position you as an authority for your target audience. It's a strategy that many businesses now use to grow their audience. But how does it work? Generally, you will use a tool like ZOOM or GoToWebinar to schedule an event for your target market. It's very much like screaming a facebook live. And then you invite people to register for your WEBINARS. You can leverage facebook, put an ad, put twenty five bucks to it to reach your target audience and invite them to basically RSVP for a free webinar and in your webinar you're going to provide helpful information, how to solve problems, give them a top three things that they can do to improve their life, whatever industry you are and at the end, you know in the last five minutes you can make an offer, you can give them a discount entry or any kind of offer you can make them and then try to get some customers that way.



With over 2 billion monthly users on both facebook and google, chances are your future customers are already there. And what's a guaranteed way to get noticed? Digital advertising also known as google ads or pay-per-click or PPC. Right now digital advertising on facebook is probably the cheapest it's ever going to be. And it's the only marketing strategies guaranteed to put you, your brand, your product services in front of the right audience. That's why for us, we are very bullish for most businessess to be having at least a weekly ad on facebook advertising your products and services.



Making yourself known at local events, it's one of the best way to generate leads for your business. Look for groups or event that will have the highest number of your target market, your target audience. There are tons of tools out there. Just go to Meet Up and look for local events and you'll be amazed by the number of events in your geographical area with tons of people that are looking for what you sell.



CIf networking is a good idea for your business to generate some leads then you seriously want to look at public speaking. There are tons of events around you looking for qualified speakers that can help their audience understanding one or another topic. Use this opportunity to grow your business. Public speaking is networking on steroids. Why? Because you will establish yourself as the credible source and an authority in that specific industry or service. And it's understandable that public speaking is not for everyone. Some people actually fear public speaking more than death.



We know that many people probably hate cold calling but cold calling done right actually works. The problem with cold calling is people trying to overdo it. Suggestion is, start small. Give yourself "I'm going to call one person per day, or five people per week. I'm just going to dedicate two hours on Tuesday morning from 10 to 12 to call five new people that I've never called". And what are the chances that those five people that you're going to call may not be interested in what you're going to offer or hang it up on you? It's actually pretty good. However, cold calling, is a numbers game and you have to understand the math. And we know that if you call at least 100 people, you will get at least 1 to 5 new clients out of that. So spend some time investigating how to do cold calling effectively and give it a shot because you'll be surprised at the results you're going to get.