How sales prospecting can influence Lead Generation

So these strategies are gonna work whether you're cold calling, cold emailing, or sending messages on LinkedIn. When you're doing outbound, you're reaching out to someone who has no idea who you are. So no matter what methodology you use, the strategy is going to be the same. So let's discuss sales prospecting that paves way for lead generation.

Sales strategy

So no matter what method you use, you still have to come up with a strategy of, who exactly do you want to reach out to? Who is your ideal customer? What pains do they have? What industry are they in? What's their revenue that you want them to have to make sure that they can afford whatever it is that you're selling? And you wanna make it extremely specific. Because every campaign that you put out, you wanna be hyperfocused on a specific niche. And then when you wanna do a different campaign, focus on another niche, but you wanna focus on one niche at a time. And that's how you keep doing it.

List building

So let's say you have an ideal customer profile of let's say, financial tech companies who have 20 to 50 employees, the revenue of at least 1 million to 5 million per year, and they're companies that leverage digital marketing. So, this is very specific for us, a very specific niche. And so what you wanna do once you identify this ideal customer profile, you wanna find all the companies that fit the bill, whether it's using LinkedIn, using Google, or buying lists, you wanna make a big list of all these companies that fit this ideal customer profile. The minimum number of companies you want to reach out to is 20. You could do more. The more is better, but you want to do at least 20. The reason why you don't wanna do less than 20 is that you want to have enough companies so that when you send your messages, you know whether it works or not. Try to do more if you can find more, but find 20 companies and find the stakeholders, meaning, the decision-makers at these companies, and just make a big list of all of these people.


So typically how this is gonna happen is, you're gonna find either their email address, you're gonna connect with them on LinkedIn, or if you can get their phone numbers, then you're gonna make a list so you can dial and make phone calls to all these companies. Now, depending on the company you work at or the industry you're working in, your different strategies are going to apply. For some niches, doing cold email works a lot better than cold calling. For other niches, doing cold calls work a lot better than a cold email. In other niches, well, LinkedIn might be a more viable option. Just focus on one at a time because it's a lot of work to send a cold email, send LinkedIn messages, and cold calling, and manage all of these different mediums. It's really difficult to do all three at once, so that's why focus on one type of outreach and mastered that for that specific niche.

Turn that prospect

Someone you feel might be a good fit for your product and service, and you wanna convert them into an actual meeting, an actual appointment where you're gonna talk to them either over the phone or in person. And why put this as a step is because sometimes when you send out, let's say a message, whether it's LinkedIn or cold email, they may have a question. They might want you to learn a little bit more about you before they agree to spend 30 minutes on the phone with you. And so that's why you have to follow up with people, answer their questions, and you want to keep pushing so that they take action meeting with you.


When it comes to your sales strategy, building the list, the type of outreach you're doing, how many appointments you're setting, and how the qualification call went. So when you're analyzing your prospecting activity, you want to find the pieces that you can improve. Maybe they went after the wrong niche, maybe the wrong type of companies, maybe all the companies that they reached out to don't have enough revenue to buy their products and services, so then maybe if they have to go more upmarket and find more companies that have more money to spend on your products and services. So you want to review your process.

Make sure, especially at the beginning of your sales career, especially when you're starting to do sales prospecting, you're always improving every time you send a campaign. You should be getting better response rates, more qualified meetings, and more people should be interested in your product or service. And so from a high-level strategy perspective, that's gonna be the ultimate guide when it comes to sales prospecting and lead generation, no matter what type of outbound activity you decide to do, the strategy is the same.